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Digital Internet Productions develops and implements internet technology solutions for businesses.  The goals of this technology is internet integration and internet exposure to not only increase your business revenue but integrate the internet and IT into your organization.  This involves a large degree on consulting and working with clients actively.

Informatics is the science of computer information systems. As an academic field it involves the practice of information processing, and the engineering of information systems.

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Why is this UNIQUE?

The marketing strategy we call “SED” or “Search Engine Domination” because it involves a multi-strategy approach as opposed to a single methodology, always custom designed to give your site the maximum strategic exposure.  SEO “Search Engine Optimization” which involves the optimization of on-site keywords is a necessity but will not give your site exposure alone.  For example, if no one knows to search for your term, you may be #1 in Google but no one is searching for that term.  Also, since SEO is now so common, good SEO may simply keep you right behind the competition.  A complete visibility strategy is required to get the target site the maximum exposure possible.  In addition, companies with a high exposure on the internet but with a low internet integration in their daily business may not have an optimal approach (they are not capturing that internet business).

For those wishing to do their own SEO, or have their employees do it, we offer flexible membership packages enabling you to access some of our tools and resources.

The team has a diverse background in Programming and systems design, Information Technology, Internet Marketing, and Business Management.  We have the expertise to exploit your niche, and bring your website to the top of the rankings.

We started building websites in 1996 and our team has been in IT for over 40 years.  This gives us perspective on ‘trends’ that promise a magic pill.  A large degree of education is always involved in the process, and we will hold your hand if necessary and take the baby steps necessary to make you feel comfortable as we bring your site to the top of the rankings.

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