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Freeware screenshot utility

For technical support, record keeping, or for other reasons it’s a good idea to have a screenshot utility.  When you hit print screen Windows captures the entire screen, including multiple monitors if you have them.  By pressing paste (Ctrl – V) you can paste this into word, an email, Paint, and other applications.  However only Paint gives you the ability to crop the image and features in Paint are limited.  Fast stone screen capture is a freeware screen capture utility which is small, takes up little memory, and has many features such as cropping and the ability to easily draw shapes and write text over images.  Fast stone is now shareware, and is available for $20 http://www.faststone.org/FSCaptureDetail.htm

So Vector is releasing the old version here on our blog, Fast Stone 5.3 FS Capture Setup 53 download link enjoy!