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Vector Informatics announces restaurant focused social media campaign

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan. 14, 2014 – SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — Vector Informatics announces a new strategy for restaurants, based on social media.  Social Media is growing rapidly as users become more familiar and active.  Sites are now integrated more, so it’s not about one social network anymore.  Restaurants have a need to engage people locally.  It’s a two way communication, the restaurant provides offers, specials, and new menu items; and customers provide feedback.  But just making posts on Facebook is not going to accomplish much, they need exposure, engagement, and integration with their existing business.

“We believe that restaurants are a good fit for social media, because ultimately it’s a personalized experience when you eat at a restaurant.  SEO is maybe not appropriate for restaurants in a traditional sense.  How many people really search Google for pizza in San Clemente’ for example.  People will more likely visit a restaurant based on a recommendation from a friend (hence the use of social media) or based on reviews, also inside social media,” says John Rank, SEO Manager at Vector Informatics.

Izza Pizzeria in San Clemente is the pilot store for Vector’s new campaign.  However, it will be designed for any restaurant, bar, or cafe.

Izza Pizzeria offers Coastal Feel with Classic Italian Atmosphere. We offer Neapolitan Pizza, New Artisian Specialty Pizzas and Award Winning Numero Uno Thick Crust as well as assortment of pastas, salads and deserts.

For more information about Izza Pizzeria, visit http://izzapizzeria.com

For more information about Vector Informatics, see http://vector-informatics.com


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