From Jacob King:

There you are sitting in your home office staring that ugly ass UI of GSA Search Engine Ranker and wondering where it all went wrong. Is spam dead? Did Cutts crush everyone and retire? Well don’t worry, before you start punching someone in the face, realize that there are plenty of SEOs out there in your same shoes. GSA SER isn’t some magical solution for ranking sites with spam, it’s a very powerful piece of software but the results are determined by the sophistication of the operator. So you should get excited actually, if you’re willing to hustle hard enough you can still beat all those other assholes who aren’t willing to see it though. After personally running GSA for hundreds of hours and over 2 years I can tell you many reasons why people suck with it, here are some of the big ones…

1. You’re using GSA to scrape sites.

Do you use GSA to scrape sites? Not wise, that is what Scrapebox or Gscraper is for bro.

2. Your proxies suck.

What proxies, how many, and what thread count are you running? 1:2 proxies to thread ratio is what I roll at. Also remember that having a quality set is key to running GSA properly, if your proxies are all burned out then they will error upon submission, stopped at the gates. You didn’t spam Google and pass go, no collecting your $200.


3. Your site lists suck.

Back to that using GSA to scrape sites thing, just because you’re scraping on your own doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job of it. Also how are you filtering your list and deciding what to actually run per each tier? If you’re spamming 1000s of links without giving a shit at all then it’s not surprising GSA isn’t working out well.

4. Your engine selections suck.

gsa engine selectionTake a nice long look at all the different engine possibilities in GSA. Also notice that you can right click the engine area and batch select some engines based on a few different options like nofollow vs dofollow links.

Now if you’re just going at it and ticking everything then you’re probably not gonna be having a good month, let’s fix that.

5. You suck.

you-suck-at-seoLet’s get real, maybe you just suck. We can’t all be good spammers and most people just won’t work hard enough.

Like I mentioned above, if you expect results with GSA, you better expect to put in the grind to get there.

6. You’re checking PR.

google-pagerankDid you know GSA will check PR for you if the option to save PR is ticked in your advanced options? Yeah it kind of takes up a lot of resources, especially if you’re already checking PR with your scraper. Also fun fact, they stopped updating PR a long ass time ago.

7. You’re running a shitty version.

Keep an eye on what updates roll out, there has been some versions that didn’t work well for me. Seriously, I’m all stoked on a new update and then my verified count goes down the damn drain, no bueno. I recommend keeping a backup of the latest copy that has been running the best for you. Also take a peak at the update log Sven provides and see what he actually did before just pushing the green button.

8. You’re not using enough authority links relative to your domain.

It’s 2015, can’t just spam angela and paul’s backlinks anymore bros. Linkvana, BMR, those days have long gone. GSA is still a crucial part of the ranking puzzle, but you need other links to establish some authority to your domain. Then you have parasite pages like a Facebook page for example where you can get more aggressive but still need authoritative links to power ranks and keep things from getting to close to the danger zone.


9. Your content sucks.

content-spinningSurprising to most people that we don’t need anything spectacular here, but it does have to be unique and on topic. If you’re running some super small spin and it’s outputting dupe content like crazy don’t come crying to me when the ranks aren’t busting through the roof.

10. You’re not using DBC or some secondary captcha service.

recaptchaHow are you solving captchas? Just using GSA captcha breaker? If so, you need a secondary solver bro, I use Deathbycaptcha. It costs money yes, but if I want to get enough verified to get the job done I need it. Especially when you consider a lot of higher quality sites are going to be using recaptcha and tougher methods of spam prevention.

I could go all day guys, but that is all for now. Hopefully these tips will help you get some more green arrows in your life and less banging of your head into the wall.

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