The address 2 technique: offline seo method by Digital Internet Productions –

The following is a unique, proprietary SEO technique developed by Digital Internet Productions, Inc.

The commercial printing industry in the US includes around 35,000 companies generating annual revenue of $90 billion[i]. This is an excellent opportunity for displaying the target URL in ‘the real world’.

Offline SEO is an important part of any SEO strategy. You don’t want your web users who already know about your site searching for your URL. To avoid this, the target URL should be placed in any marketing material in print, such as business cards, advertisements, brochures, banners, graphics, etc.

When you open any account online or fill out any form, there is always an ‘address 2 field’ – this is normally unused. It is there for additional address information such as suite #, apartment #, or other address details. If this field is not used, this is a perfect place to enter your target url, such as – which is also your business address 2. As the system moves to an electronic internet based system, the web is becoming a more popular means to contact businesses than physical addresses. Therefore there is not any good reason NOT to enter your target URL in the address 2 field. If your company has a change of address, the URL is there. Think of all the print materials, return addresses, databases that could be populated with your target URL.

This technique is free; all it requires is that you remember to enter your target URL into the address 2 field when filling out forms, or when printing return address labels.

Advanced Address 2 technique for SEO Professionals: display your client URL in the address 2 field!

NOTE TO SEO PROS: You may use this technique, you may send this article to your clients, include it with your research materials, so long as you do not present this idea like your own! All we ask for is a reference to Vector and a link back to this article or to our website,

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