Finally, a company has solved the security issue plaguing the crypto market.  That company is Black Watch Digital and they offer an enterprise custodian solution for exchanges, funds, OTC desks, or any Bitcoin and/or Crypto institution that holds large amounts of crypto.  Their tech in a nutshell:


The Dark Vault platform was designed from the ground up by experienced cybersecurity professionals, cryptography, blockchain, and capital markets experts using the highest levels of security protocols and advanced architecture to deliver leading edge, real-time access to digital assets within a secure and insured environment.

Institutions operate in highly curated environments that combine security, flexibility, and transparency on one platform and Blackwatch developed the Dark Vault with these principles in mind. Institutions can rely on Blackwatch to deliver a level of service that is specifically designed and customized to meet their individual needs and requirements.

They have already been featured on an article on Zero Hedge "Bitcoin security risks SOLVED" -

We’re all too familiar with the story.  An exchange builds a respectable reputation in a dark and unregulated space, only to get hacked.  But unlike in the traditional banking system, there is no way to get your funds back.  Billions of institutional money is sitting on the Crypto sidelines for this single reason: they are afraid of getting hacked.  Now you must understand that it’s one thing when your own individual account is hacked and you lose your own money; and it’s quite another if it’s client money.  Let’s take Fidelity as an example, because they like Crypto.  Imagine Fidelity has $50 Million equivalent Bitcoin in client funds and it gets hacked.  Fidelity is liable for all the funds meaning it will have to cover the loss with cash.  But it wasn’t insurable, until now.  Digital security companyBlackwatch has developed a product Dark Vaultwhich adheres to AML/KYC controls and is ISO 27001 compliant.  But what’s cool about this solution is that not only is it more secure than the current alternatives, it provides real-time access to your Crypto (Competitive products require multi-day ‘withdrawal’ procedures as the solutions are heavy on physical security, not network design).

For those of us who have been slogging away at Crypto for years now, we all know that being hacked is the single biggest fear keeping investors away.  If solutions can be developed that actually work, that keep coins safe - we could be looking at a huge Crypto bull market.

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