Social media marketing can be powerful, but it is always evolving.  Whether your business is a Facebook page, a cooking blog, or a restaurant, your content should always be engaging.  Generally, end users have a much higher response from genuine information rather than a coupon or advertisement.  Of course, the purpose of social media marketing is to increase your business - but that's not all.  It's about connecting with customers in a new format.  In fact, social media is just a new means of communication.  As people used to read newspapers, they now read blogs, Facebook, and news websites.  So as businesses used to get ads in newspapers, now they do so on social media.  But the benefit of social media, it's possible to be more creative and more interactive.  It's possible to update in real time information about your business, whether video, text, or other content.

Some tips to be creative with your content:

  • Ask your customers what they want!  Don't assume anything even based on your 30 years experience in marketing.  Listen to what they like!
  • Monitor the results.  A good aspect of social media is there is a lot of available information on who clicks and views your content.  Take note of good responses and bad ones and incorporate it with your new content.
  • Check what others are doing that are popular.
  • Follow some creative blogs such as and get some ideas!
  • Don't be afraid to repost, retweet, and share others content!
  • Consider something you can give away for free of value, such as a recipe, ebook, or something unique to your business.
  • Finally - if this is too much to bother with - hire someone!  There are many who can do this very well for your business on an ongoing basis that you can focus on your core business.

Digital Internet Productions manages social media campaigns for several businesses and has been involved in internet marketing for 15 years.  We offer free tools on our blog to help you grow your internet exposure, such as articles, search engine submission tools, and more.