Digital Internet Productions manages internet campaigns for several types of clients.  Each has its own niche and need for different type of content.

For example, Izza Pizzeria is a Neapolitan Pizzera that serves pasta, salads, sandwiches, and appetizers in the San Clemente area.  We developed a niche site that focuses on developing niche content for Izza Pizzeria.  Due to the success of Izza Pizzeria, Vector has taken on other niche clients in the pizza industry, such as Numero Uno Pizza Pasadena.individual cheese pizza

Niche content sites are a fun and engaging way to promote your target site, and of course it's possible to build the sites following to the point that it makes money by itself.  The value of a niche site is that it can focus on developing content specific for your niche.  The content can be automatically syndicated to your client / target site via wordpress or other automated plugin.

If you are interested in a content niche site please contact Digital Internet Productions and provide information about your niche.  Visit for an example of a content niche microsite.  Feel free to use content from on your own pizza related website!

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