What is a link pyramid?  Simply put, a link pyramid is a backlink system whereby links are created that link to the target site, and then links to those links, and so on.

See the below image for a visualization:

Vector Link Pyramid


Links that link to links.  It's sort of a derivative of backlinking.  If you are reading this and are thinking how to build a link pyramid and are totally clueless, you should sign up for one of our reasonable packages.

Does this method work?  Answers in a complex environment can never be clear and simple.  It depends on variables such as the existing situation with your target site, amount of traffic and popularity of your site currently, and other factors.  But the simple answer is yes, this does work.  But Search Engine Optimizationit only works when combined with other methods, for example if ALL you do for your target site is build a link pyramid, it is not sufficient.

In other words, building a link pyramid is the BEST method for backlinking, but by itself it will not build your page rank.

Beware also to build your link pyramid properly, if bad neighborhoods link to you - it can hurt your ranking more than help!

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