If you want to really stay on top of Google you want to create your own Microsites.  Startvector.com has a few we're going to briefly showcase in this article.  The purpose of a Microsite can be:

  • Monetize traffic with Google Ads
  • Direct traffic to your target site
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Niche content
  • App / Tool
  • ... Unlimited

Obviously the possibilities are endless.  We like to keep Microsites simple so we created 2 which we feel are well suited for examples for our clients:

Thought2go.com - Content blog with interesting ideas, articles, memes, and just cool content!

Pleaseorderit.com - An ecommerce blog with coupons for online shopping, offering everything from books to batteries.

Both sites use wordpress and focus on niche content.  For pleaseorderit.com we got a great domain name ubuy.me which is super for offline advertising.

We're using HD featured images as our advertising - simple, clean, and beautiful backgrounds.

These can even be printed, and look great as flyers.  Such images will attract the attention of users a lot more than billboards or flashy advertising with catchy 'look at me' vector graphics.  And we never use any people.  That's one of the secrets of image marketing we explain in our book Rank Hack Method.

If you'd like to access the tools we used to build these great sites, we offer a DIY membership package, or if you'd like us to build one for you hire us like an Agency.

Either way, there's not much too it.  It's just a question if you want to put in the time yourself, or hire someone to do it.  Whether you are an alternative asset manager , or a law firm, or a local restaurant - a strong SEO strategy can help grow your business.

Startvector.com has a focus on financial services firms such as Commodity Trading Advisors, however we have experience servicing a wide range of demographics including but not limited to healthcare, automotive, EDU, and more.

We stand out from the crowd, so we have an expression here at StartVector.com:

"Greatness is an anomaly"