If you have a blog, facebook page, or other social media page, building a following is necessary to gain exposure.  In the case of Facebook, friends can 'follow' you - which means your posts will show up on their newsfeed.  It works the same for any social media site or blog.  This is obviously important because you will have more exposure for the posts you are doing.


The most popular social network by far, Facebook not only dominates social media in terms of number of users, but also the amount of time those users spend on the social network.  To build a facebook following, first you need friends.  First, add as many friends as possible.  You can find friends using the 'find friends' feature.  Of course it's best to add people you know, and friends of friends.  You can do this by adding your job, school, or by your city.  Facebook also will recommend friends to you.


If you have a blog, there should be some tool that people can 'follow' your blog.  In the case of wordpress, jetpack has a subscribe feature.  Encourage your friends and contacts to subscribe to your blog.  Feedburner can connect to almost any blog.


Content is king!  It is not a cliche, it is a reality.  Regardless of the Google algorithm, people want good content.  They don't want advertisements, or an explanation of how you have a headache this morning.  Engaging, funny, interesting, and smart content will build followers (or cat videos).  If you have a niche, such as cooking, exploit it!


Don't forget to promote your blog IRL (In Real Life).  Online marketing works best when combined with real-world advertising.  Make sure to put your blog or website on all your printed materials.

Domain names

If you only have a Facebook or Google Plus page, why not buy a domain name that points to it?  They only cost about $10 (depending on the TLD) and then you can promote your own domain name.  With TLDs now being open, there are many new TLDs available, such as .cash, .credit, and many others.

Don't spam!

It's important not to constantly post advertisements, such as "Want to order a Pizza?" if you have a Pizza shop.


Great service and great content will encourage your followers to share your content and thus build more followers.  This takes time but building a strong following requires a commitment for the long term.  Don't give up!  If you have a great product or service, people will refer friends.  Social Media is simply a new method of communication.  It's not 'technology.'

Let the professionals help

Does all this sound like too much work?  Let Digital Internet Productions manage it for you.  Contact us today or see some of our social media management packages.