Hidden Skype Emoticons

Facepalm(facepalm) Fingers crossed(fingerscrossed)Tumbleweed(tumbleweed)Working from home(wfh)Waiting(waiting)Lalala!(lalala)High five!(highfive)WTF?! (wtf)Mooning(mooning)The finger(finger)  F.U.B.A.R.(fubar) Pool party (poolparty) Talking(talk) Sexy legs (hollest)Headbang(headbang) (banghead)Soccer(soccer)Drunk (drunk)Toivo(toivo)Rock(rock)Zilmer(zilmer)Punch(punch)Call(call)Oliver(oliver)Bug(bug)Phone (ph) (mp) Broken heart(u) (U) Film (film) (movie) (~) Email / Mail(e) (m)Skype(skype) (ss) Clock(clock) (time) (o) Smoke (smoke) (smoking) Swear (swear)TMI(tmi)  

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