is a full stack high tech interactive proprietary advertising agency that can setup and manage a campaign for your organization.

There are many moving parts in the world of online marketing, both on the SEO & SEM side, but that's just part of the ecosystem.  In addition to traditional PPC Advertising we can setup and manage an affiliate program for your product or service.  Ultimately this involves the setup of multiple systems:

  1. An affiliate tracking system
  2. Analytics system
  3. Payment system
  4. Call tracking system
  5. Phone system
  6. CRM

Each of these independent systems needs to be connected and there is no one click install for any of them.  The good news is that has built the integrations and can onboard this system for your organization with the press of a button.  And that’s not all – as the money is flowing we can tokenize the process on-chain with our Blockchain partner Bloc10.


Closed Loop Marketing

Closed Loop marketing means no leakage.  Everything is ‘inside’ the system so everything can be tracked.  This is what most ad campaigns are missing (especially those involving ‘branding’)

Tools of the Trade

Here are some of the things you’ll need.  Do you really want to set this up?  We have all the integrations and a proven track record of success.

A graphics program, to make shiny nice looking featured images, banners, and backgrounds.  Get Snappa

A website building platform that supports multiple integrations, works great on mobile phone, that enables you to throw together a landing page in hours, not days.  Get Instapage

An affiliate link tracking System.  Get Post Affiliate Pro #1

An email system, like Get Response

A system to build and manage your main website or landing pages that need functionality.  WordPress is free – but you need a good host and other WordPress related tools.  Get WP Engine Hosting

Some products aren’t digital, you’ll want to make a training program that you can sell online.  Now there’s tools to make any business, topic, or technology into an educational program.  Get Thinkific

A tool to make promotional videos with kinetic type and other effects, more than 200,000+ Sold.  Get VideomakerFX

Domain names, from the biggest domain seller in the world, FX System Hosting Domains & More

Phone tracking is optional but preferable, and all starts with a compatible call system.  Get Ring Central

You’ll also need Computers, People, etc.  Too much to handle?  Hire Bloc10!  We will be your full cycle full stack advertising agency.

Want to use an existing affiliate network?  Sell products, or find great products to sell and monetize your traffic?  Get JVZoo – Get Shareasale

Bloc10 manages our own custom affiliate network.  If you want to promote our exclusive offers, Get Success In My Pocket

Marketing Tools

Generate leads with a Contact Bot that fills out contact forms on websites.  Get Paigham Bot

You want to increase your money site, and related sites – but SEO is tough work.  You need great SEO tools like – Get

You need links, social media bookmarking, guest post on high PR sites – all from one place.  Get Crork

Launch your campaign with a Press Release to kick off right.  Instant online visibility. News direct to consumers, journalist, & bloggers. |

Niche Traffic sites

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to make a page that generates traffic independently, and then place your ads there. – Order stuff you don’t need with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t know.  @

Some Tips of the Trade

Get a short domain name that sounds cool and redirect it to your main domain; use this for offline campaigns.  You can always track the traffic coming from the 3rd party domain to see how much it generates.  For example, UBUY.ME  points to

Image URL branding is very important.  Some of the biggest brands know this and do it – why don’t you?

Article writing – one of the most powerful ways to advertise your product or service is to write articles about it.

Content Creation

HD Video Intros

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Blog Posts

Article Writing

SEO Friendly Image Creation

Viral Meme Generation

See examples at our Content Factory.

Affiliate Networks

What are affiliate networks and how can they help me?

Affiliates are those who promote your offer, usually a product or service, and receive a commission usually when an action happens, such as a sale.  See the technology map of network Shareasale, based in Chicago:

The basics of affiliate tracking is based on link tracking.  It’s real simple.  Here’s our link

Someone clicks on the link, buys a product, we are credited for the sale.  It can get really complicated especially with phone tracking, geo location tracking, and other data analytics – but the concept of link click tracking is simple.

Internet Marketing – Internet Exposure Campaign

Do you want your website to have results that look like this?

This is from our client Pre IPO Swap.