Advertising is becoming more and more annoying, offensive, and dysfunctional.  Often pages don't even load correctly because of the advertising.  Many websites use 3rd party advertising sources - that from one page, many other pages can be loaded.  The average webpage is now greater than 1 MB!  Checkout these stats from Web Performance Today:

  • According to the HTTP Archive, which gathers stats on the top million sites in the world (as ranked by Alexa), the average web page has surpassed the 1 MB mark.
  • In the past 18 months, the average web page has grown by 50% — from 702 KB in November 2010 to 1042 KB on May 1, 2012. (Side note: Since I wrote the GigaOM piece, the HTTP Archive has refreshed with new data. The average page is now 1059 KB.)
  • At this rate, the average page will hit 2 MB by 2015.
  • Images and third-party scripts (i.e. analytics, ads, social sharing buttons) are the main culprits.

Yes, this data is several years old, and with the current rate of development - average page will balloon to 5MB or 10MB very soon.

Are you noticing that webpages don't load quickly like they used to?

This is due to several major factors.  One, is that many users are connecting over 4G or WiFi.  WiFi/4G doesn't support bandwidth close to what your internet provider does.  So you aren't using that speed you are paying your ISP for, unless you have a desktop or laptop PLUGGED IN with a CABLE to the internet.  To make the connection slower, try adding more WiFi devices and if you want it to barely crawl, add a few Apple devices which will automatically download and update apps in the background.

To double or triple the speed of your internet instantly, turn off all wireless devices!  Now getting back to the topic:

Advertising is literally KILLING the internet.  It is like a virus, that has infected the host.  On a technical level, advertising from 3rd party sites just makes the pages slow.  Also, there is no control over content coming from 3rd party sites.  For example, families who want to protect their children from horrible offensive advertisements, can only do so by 'keyword' or 'domain name' so if a site displays image ads from a 3rd party site, there's no way for the filter to know what the ad may contain.

Solution:  First choose what browser you want to use - suggested Google Chrome.  Then install 2 free apps: AdBlock & WebFilterPro.

AdBlock can support filtering rules where you can block entire ad-networks  such as,, and others.  They provide a text based editor so any site can be blocked completely.   Here's a suggested starting list of sites to block:

taboola.comDigital Internet Productions Logo

Some other advantages of this method:

  • Will make pages load faster!
  • Decrease the chances of getting viruses and adware, which often come from 'other' sites
  • Less crap to clean in your junk files - ad sites usually install cookies and other tracking information on your computer or device

Clean your browsing, clean your life - with this simple method!

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