Forex is one of the most saturated SEO markets in the world.  The reason being is that it's mostly electronic; users can open accounts anywhere in the world (unless you are in the US recently) and purchase products which are digitally downloadable.  Many Forex companies have made big profits and have reinvested it in internet marketing technologies, SEO, and other online advertising tools.  In fact, according to reports by SEMrush, single Forex clicks are bid up to $100 per click and the average is $30!  A major Forex broker in the US at one point was spending $4 Million a month just on Google Adwords.

But Forex is not as simple as most SEO.  There are sites such as which is the Yelp of Forex, which can ruin a business.  It takes years to build a pristine reputation and only one NFA fine to ruin it.  Forex SEO is certainly unique, and it takes experts in the field to navigate the rough waters.  If you don't have a huge marketing budget for your Forex company, and rely on IBs and affiliates to bring in new business, Forex Internet Marketing is something you should consider.  Knowledge in this niche will maximize what dollars are spent, and provide exposure to potential clients that might not have otherwise found the site.

It should not be discouraging to smaller firms without big budgets.  They should rely on niche strategic internet marketing even more than firms with larger budgets.  Digital Internet Productions has 10 years experience internet marketing for Forex.  In fact, Elite E Services' business was built on internet marketing.  At its peak, EES had more than 25 Million in AUM; all raised online (no physical meeting) and outranked Saxo Bank.

By engaging directly in internet marketing, Forex firms can rely less on IBs and traditional methods which are becoming more difficult.  Contact Vector today to learn how we can bring internet exposure to your Forex website, whether you are a broker, money manager, or vendor.  See one of our clients