Digital Internet Productions is taking a different direction with our SEO and Internet Technology developments.

What we have noticed:

  • SPAM (now colloquial for any mass-ad traffic that is unwanted, including blog comment spam, forum spam, etc.) is at an all time high, and even causing servers to upgrade their hardware!
  • Users behavior has changed, for a new group of emails overwhelmed by SPAM it causes people to change their emails more often, causing bad addresses.
  • Websites and internet networks too focused on form and not content.  Content in general is decreasing in quality.
  • Haphazard events such as hardware malfunctions causing alot of reorganization.
  • Political concerns such as the SOPA act causing internet players to behave according to new rules.

Digital Internet Productions will be launching a series of internet projects and products in the coming months, stay tuned to for more details.