First you need a good plugin that sits on top of wordpress, like Optimize Press.

Then you're going to need some content, you can create your own text and images using notepad and your smartphone - it doesn't need to be any more complex than that.  See a few examples:

Here's an example of one we created recently, for

Creating a landing page is fun and easy.  When you have a paid campaign, link to the landing page.  Be sure to include Google Analytics or another tracking service specific to that page so you can track the campaign.

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Landing pages are important because often when someone goes to a website they are overwhelmed with menu choices and aren't sure where to go.  You can create landing pages for specific products, campaigns, webinars, or other topics you want to promote.  Landing pages are fun and effective ways to boost your marketing.  For a detailed explanation on how to promote your landing page, checkout the book Rank Hack Method, offered exclusively by

Optimize Press is a good choice, because not only it provides an interface - they provide content samples as well.  For the novice to creating landing pages, this is a great way to get started.

The key to making a landing page convert is to have compelling content, something that is eye-catching, and to use nice looking images.  Here are a few examples:

featured image

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