There exists opposite of the internet that most know and use (www) a so called "dark internet" that represents the opposite of SEO.  Sites are so hard to find, some have encrypted URLs that change in real time based on a random number generator.  Many of these sites involve illegal activity, but not all.  Some simply want privacy, which has become a huge issue since the revelations of Edward Snowden.

In some way, is internet exposure the opposite of privacy?

Here is a network of internet users that don't want to even be known to exist.  On the other hand, many webmasters want their site to have the maximum exposure possible.

This trend is also seen in Social Media, with private, anonymous social media sites popping up, some listed here on Mashable from 2013.

Privacy and security should seriously be considered as part of any internet campaign.  For example, users using the secure encrypted search startpage, will have different results than Google.

Certainly, the wrong kind of internet exposure can bring unwanted traffic, whether they be criminals, or users from India.  It's important to consider this when designing any SEO or internet marketing campaign.

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