Second Sight - Markets Intelligence & Analysis

Second Sight is a service for active traders only.  We focus on special situations such as appraisal arbitrage, fraud investigations, catalyst analysis, and mergers & acquisitions.  Our analysis is deep macro analysis even if the asset is a domestic equity.  Proprietary metrics and analysis, with confidential sources.

Actionable Intelligence

This service focuses on short ideas and research that supports these ideas.  Access provided at alt news site


Bank of America (BAC) Short Oct 11 2019 +27%

Bank of America (BAC) is a mega cap bank with an implicit government "Too big to fail" mandate, with 99% positive bias from analysts.  We wrote a negative article Oct. 11 2019 when the stock was trading at 28.90, outlining our concerns.  The stock dropped below 18 but settled around 21 - a 27% return.

  • Unique Analysis

    We are looking for anomalies, discrepancies, or other intelligence that is based on deep analysis of a company’s business model or macro demographics.  That means you aren’t going to find this just anywhere.

  • Extensive Research

    We do the research and provide it to you in the members area.  “See the tapes” or view the complaints.  You’re going to see the sources what we look in order to form our analysis.

  • Deep Quantitative Analysis

    Our analysis method is based on a Cybernetic approach looking at the system as a whole, not just an isolated basis.  Companies are all part of the global economy in one way or another – and all factors need to be considered.

EBIX fraud investigation +10%

Just after publishing our short report on Zero Hedge, within 24 hours the stock had dropped 10%.  EBIX is being investigated by many so it's clearly not our article that affected the market, but we were able to beat the market by releasing the article including a complaint against the company for breach of contract, which was the likely cause of the drop.  Our Second Sight intelligence service is designed to stay ahead of the information curve, whatever market you trade.

Fraud investigations, accounting anomalies

It's amazing what an executive can get away with if they want to.  We look for financial anomalies, signs of misconduct, and other red flags that signal a deeper investigation is warranted.  The evidence is out there, it's our job to find it and boil it down into actionable intelligence.

LabCorp (LH) paternity testing fraud exposed, stock down 10%

Short reports can move markets - but it's about the quality of the content that matters.  Our research is in-depth and extensive.  We combine computer big data analytics with human intelligence to make a complete dataset.

  • Extensive research

    LabCorp (LH) is a company we have been researching for a long time.  The information presented in the recent article represents thousands of hours of background work.

  • Internet Intelligence

    The public internet is a source of information but one has to know what to look for.  It serves more of a corroboration of a hypothesis, not as a foundation of a theory.

  • Human Intelligence

    Whistleblowers, ex-employees, other investigators, and individual investors can serve as sources of real intelligence.

Actionable Intelligence. Get our next great idea.

This service is for active traders only.