Membership Options Page offers a members area with the following levels:

Basic DIY - $22/month

Basic Membership is for those who are new to "SEO" and new to internet marketing, perhaps new to technology.  Basic includes lots of education and training, and is for those who just want a taste before diving in.

Professional DIY - $89/month

This membership is for other Agencies that want to use our tools, SEOs and other professionals who know what they are doing and just want access to the goodies.  You're going to get it all here - but it's a DIY meaning we're not going to help you.

Agency - $399/month

Agency Level packages are for those who are hiring us like an Agency.  It's our most basic package and provides our clients with access to all the DIY tools as well.  This includes SEO, SEM management, article writing, and brining mass exposure to your site.  Get ready to watch your rank shoot up like a rocket.

Elite - $899/month

Elite level is a custom bespoke development level where we not only give you access to all of our tools - these are also some of the tools you have paid for us to build for you.  This is a white label level for other agencies who want to use our tools for their own clients.

Pick your poison.