Internet marketing is a tricky thing to learn, because those who are aggressive at it, flood the web with information THEY want you to know.  Maybe it's good maybe not, we're not judging.  The point is that it's nearly impossible to get an unbiased education on the topic of internet marketing.

In recent case studies, Digital Internet Productions has determined that internet marketing can even be detrimental to some businesses!  For example take a local restaurant that everyone visits.  Mostly, people enjoy their experience.  But behold - the new online virus destroying small businesses - Yelp!  1 Bad Yelp review can turn all that traffic into an extremely negative situation.  Users will remember the image of the stale food (so looks by phone cam) with strange objects on top, and the negative comments, much more than they will anything else.  So yes, SEO is not for everyone.  Having your site #1 in Google can be a bad thing.

At the end of the day, marketing should only be 20% of your internet technology budget.  The rest should be integration, operation, and development.

Developing a software to send a fax is the equivalent of making a car engine to start your horse to move forward to drive your buggy.

Because of this, Digital Internet Productions is developing a package we are calling "Internet Presence Integration" or IPI for short.  Basically, the package will include:

  • An SEO compliant WordPress powered website, linked to your social media
  • An ongoing marketing package to drive traffic to your site
  • Systems for your daily business operation, including but not limited to communication tools, that will be integrated with the website
  • Consulting about products, services, and technology that you should be using with your business, and how to integrate it with your existing operations (The basis of this consulting will begin with a lesson on why not to buy Apple products)

The price point for this package will be +/- $5,000 per year, or $500/month all inclusive.

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