The funny thing about SEO is that the users need to know what to 'search' for.  Many do not understand this and pay a lot of money for SEO and especially to optimize for certain terms, when there can be many customers who don't know to search for the term.  True, that search statistics are readily available so there are some knowns to work with.  But how to directly contact people who don't know your search term?

This isn't the low hanging fruit offered by Google AdWords - this is the gold; untapped new customers who don't know about your product or service, and are happy to discover it?

But how to find them?

Often in digital advertising we have the tendency to saturate an electronic space; i.e. farming the same territory over and over.  Just like a lake that is overfished, so can an electronic territory.

How to avoid this?  Get creative!  Exploit niches, explore other networks, search in foreign languages!  There's always a niche waiting to be exploited.

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