It's a new world.  Are you prepared to evolve?

This page is for those who are seeking answers during these troubled times, how to invest, how to evolve your business, how to work from home, how to prepare for a Brave New World.

The world has dramatically changed and will never be the same.  The good news, a new global economic system is being rolled out, our choices are to participate in it or become irrelevant.  The Crediblock team can help with the following services:

  • Legal - restructuring, protecting assets, hedging
  • Financial - Investing, budgeting, business plans
  • Business - Consulting, technology integration, pandemic prep & operation
  • PPP/COVID Response consulting - Help with taxes and PPP related filings, loan consulting, where to obtain additional support or business opportunities

PPP Loans backed up -- WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve’s program to back emergency government loans to small businesses is “fully operational,” the U.S. central bank said on Thursday, a boost to banks as they await a possible expansion to the total amount of funds they will be allowed to disburse to help companies through the coronavirus crisis.  The Fed’s program is designed to make it easier for banks to offer loans under the $350 billion Paycheck Protection Program run by the Small Business Administration (SBA) by extending credit to financial institutions that make them, using the loans as collateral.  There are no fees for using the facility but the Fed said it will charge banks a 0.35% interest rate.  “Supplying financial institutions with additional liquidity will help increase their capacity to make PPP loans,” the Fed said.

Listen to what Dr. Fatakhov suggests for naturally helping fight Wu Flu

Pandemic Prep Guide - Disaster Recovery, Cybersecurity, Investment and more all rolled into one eBook by LLC

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Pandemic Prep Guide - Survive and Thrive during this and any Pandemic

Whether you are a family, individual, organization, business, government entity, or church group; having a book like this can be invaluable in your time of need. For business disaster recovery and emergency planning, having an independent guide can help you create your own policies as well as having a reference. The advantages of modern society are many. Online delivery, remote working, internet and smartphone communications; create the perfect scenario to survive and thrive during a pandemic. Why should we depend on officials, especially when there have been proven cases of negligence. Here we aren’t going to provide any magic, we will provide information and sources that you can confirm for yourselves. We hope that this book can serve as a simple guide, or provide the basis for policy creation or family plan. In the last week there have been hundreds of well written articles on this topic, even some identifying potential sources of this deadly virus. Here, we are just providing a summary and links to some of these articles, with the perspective of family and/or corporate planning.
This is a research book with governance and policy in mind, authored by the team at LLC

The fact is unless you are a massive global corporation like Amazon you may not have the knowledge, resources, and tools to evolve into this new business paradigm.  The world isn't ending, it's changing rapidly.  Get help from experts who care, and who can guide you through something we've been reading about our entire lives.

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