Whatever your purpose being on the public internet, one goal that anyone has is to gain exposure for their product, service, organization, cause, or idea.

What marketing agencies spent billions on, and decades of research, is now possible to achieve on the internet.  Of course it is possible, not probable, that any concept will 'go viral' - but the medium is there.  Since many have now discovered this, it's now a big competition to basically get something for free, or go organically.  It's possible to just pay and get exposure.  But this isn't what the internet is all about, although major ad agencies have tried to turn it into a highly commercialized newspaper model medium.

The purpose of putting information on the public internet is to get your message out there, even if to a niche market.  No, we are not all in the marketing business.  If you are a scientist working on a project in Zero Point energy for example, you may want to reach other researchers in your field.  Of course if you are a small business, you want to gain more exposure from local customers.  When customers are searching for terms such as "Best Pizza in San Clemente" or "Hardwood Flooring in San Rafael" - you want your site to popup ahead of the competition.  Of course, SEO alone is not enough, any internet exposure campaign needs to be multi-faceted.

Real SEO Power means gaining instant exposure for your content, whether it be reviews of your business, new products that you offer, an article you have recently written, an announcement, or other information.

Working with companies that have existing high ranking blogs and sites who know how to utilize it, can be helpful, and save money.  Most important is the knowledge how to use existing SEO power to gain the right kind of exposure for your content.

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