SEO Spring 2013 Vector Update

With recent Google updates, the SEO scene has been a bit shook up.  It is time to review our strategies of the past what works and does not work.  First, let's make a few things clear, what doesn't work.

No More Tricks

SEO strategies that would become popular usually involved some 'trick' that would be a shortcut to getting a high ranking, without doing the hard work.  These are the types of strategies that Google weeds out with their updates.  These strategies may boost your ranking for a while but definitely will not put your site on a long term solid position.

A short list of strategies that SEO pros shouldn't waste their time with:

  • Article Submission
  • Forum link posting (Forum Spam)
  • Comment posting on blogs
  • Link exchanges
  • Thin Content (posting for the sake of posting something)
  • Spam and Automation, in all forms

Ok, so what does work?  What are viable internet strategies?  First of all we need to clarify the confusion surrounding SEO.  SEO itself "Search Engine Optimization" is an absolute must, which means having a good "optimal" text on your page with correct valid formatting and links that search engines will index.  But SEO has become a synonym for 'internet marketing' which is so much more than SEO.  For example, Digital Internet Productions calls our internet strategy "Search Engine Domination" or SED because it's really about a wider internet visibility than being #1 in Google which is good but questionably relevant if it's your only goal.

Internet visibility

Most important is internet visibility, which may even include some SEM.  Also of SEO was designed around saving money to not pay Google Adwords.  For now, Google may have won the round of stopping 'cheating' strategies to save on Google Adwords by implementing SEO strategies.  Now for many it may be optimal to spend part of an internet budget using Google Adwords or similar.  So what?  Yes, there is click fraud, there is a questionable ROI on Adwords, but still, for a small fee Google will guarantee your #1 placement.  It's a fair deal, and it's always optional.  Google has a monopoly on their own search engine, they don't own and control the entire internet.  In addition, users are now using YouTube and other portals to search for content.

An internet visibility strategy means your target site should be visible on multiple networks on the internet.  This strategy will ultimately increase your page rank, but it will do so naturally.

Internet integration

Another issue with the growth of internet as a means of marketing is the new participants who have been traditionally offline businesses.  Some have taken to internet marketing simply as an alternative to newspaper ads.  This is a welcome addition to the internet community, but it's important these new participants begin to integrate the internet and computing into their daily operations.

Of course, it’s easier for intellectual “virtual” businesses such as financial firms to integrate with the internet than it is for those dealing with physical objects.  But both can have viable integration strategies.

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