We're not going to spill the beans.. 

But we will give you a peep show.

Online marketing is about visual impressions.  Featured Images, catchy titles, for lack of a better word - CLICK BAIT.

You've gotta appeal to users.  There is SO MUCH content online it's amazing that people can earn a living carving a niche out there.  But they can.

Here's some examples of Featured Images we made for a client:

Simple, powerful, and beautiful.

As we explain in our book on SEO Rank Hack Method - we avoid using people in images for advertising.  This is one of many dirty little secrets of the online advertising industry.

So we've come up with a 2 tiered system, those who want to do it yourself (DIY) and those who want a fully hands off service.  Checkout a membership  that suits your needs.

Or if you'd just like to see a list of tools to Do It Yourself - Checkout our Tool Shop.

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