SEO is a big mystery even to successful businesses and IT professionals.  So How is Digital Internet Productions able to deliver unparalleled results to our clients?

The answer is simple really, because we are traders.  Digital Internet Productions was founded and is currently operated by a group of algorithmic traders.

While the internet is a different market than the Forex market for example, similar rules are followed.  The Google algorithm is similar to a market maker algorithm, or a dealing desk.  Traders are in many cases forced to 'beat the dealer' more than the market itself.  Because in the case of SEO, is the dominant search engine.  Other search engines, rely on results for their own algorithms, making Google the defining authority on search.

Developing robots & algorithms to beat other robots or human SEOs - it's like trading.  We aren't trying to beat Google, we're trying to beat the other SEOs.  So it's much like the markets - at least there are many similarities.  We develop and implement robots, and then optimize them, to achieve a goal"  says Joe Gelet, President of Digital Internet Productions.  

Digital Internet Productions provides business owners with tools to do their own SEO for a reasonable monthly fee, as well as fully managed SEO services.

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