When Vector starts a new project for Internet Exposure, it's necessary to create a Social Media footprint for the brand or target site.  This is a lot of work, and cannot be automated.  Attention to detail is important, such as uploading photos, ensuring contact information is correct, and so on.  Social Media often changes; recently a study has been done about Facebook, exposing things such as 'like farms' and false profiles.  There is no shortcut to building your social media footprint - it must be done manually, and it takes time.  Also, it should involve key staff from the business - while Digital Internet Productions can do all this for you - the more you participate in the process the better.  Also, setting up the profiles and SEO friendly linkages is just the beginning, then it needs to be populated with content such as videos, photos, and text.

Social Media is really nothing new - simply that it became popular with the rise of mobile phones, and the proliferation of high speed internet around the world.  Social Media existed since the internet began, and was really popularized in the 1990s with forums, newsletters, and other social platforms.  Easy to use sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and others - attracted a new group of internet users.

Many question if all this work is really worth it.  And certainly for some businesses, such as a manufacturer, it's probably unnecessary.  But if you are in any consumer based retail business of any kind (where you depend on sales from consumers) - social media is a must!

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