Social Media is a growing medium that many restaurants are having success with.  With the IPO of Facebook and Twitter, there are rumors that Social Media is a has-been.  But so many people are using Social Media, now may be the right time to start incorporating it in your marketing strategy.

Restaurants are unique in many ways compared to other retail businesses.  How are they different than other businesses?

  • They are local - chances of someone driving more than 20 miles to go to a restaurant are very low.  So the target audience are neighbors, and visitors.
  • They have something to sell we all need - food!
  • A good restaurant sells itself - through referrals and repeat business.  And social media is a great way to encourage this.

Social Media may be a great way for them to reach new customers, retain existing ones, and stay in contact with regulars.  But many restaurants do not understand, nor have the time, for Social Media.

Problems restaurants face for marketing:

  • Diminishing returns on traditional print advertisements (flyers, newspaper ads, etc.)
  • Many SEO providers, with a small knowledge of the industry, how does a restaurant manager know what services he needs, or know who to trust?
  • How to prevent from getting a bad provider, being a waste of money with low or no results?

Even though restaurants may not be tuned into Social Media, Social Media sure is tuned into them.  Checkout sites like Serious Eats, that not only reviews restaurants, new foods, and other interesting developments in the Food Industry; it has an active member community.  What a great way to directly engage 'foodies' - by creating a profile on Serious Eats and engaging them.  But there are many such sites, not to mention Facebook, Twitter, and others.  Still not convinced that Social Media is powerful?  Watch the below vid:

About Digital Internet Productions Social Media

Digital Internet Productions can manage your Social Media campaign for your restaurant.  Depending on your needs and the size of campaign, this can cost between $500 - $1,500.  If you don't have any Social Media accounts, we can create them for you.  Also we can create content, manage reviews, encourage use of your Social Profiles, and increase your following.

Our Social Media campaigns are always combined with our Search Engine Domination strategies, that means we also can increase the rank of your website, thus also attracting more viewers.  Vector also offers our clients tools that they can use themselves, and guides on best practices.

For more info, please contact us, or check us out on Facebook.