If you do not have social media for your business or organization - getting started is easy.  All you really need is a computer, tablet, phone, laptop, or other device; an internet connection, and basic internet knowledge.  And remember, we are doing this for the purpose of marketing your business!

Here are the basic steps to get started, based on our experience in digital advertising for our clients:

1. Get a Google account.  It's free, and Google is the 800 lb Guerilla of the internet.  A google account will let you have gmail which you will need to sign up for other internet accounts.  Also Google has Google + which is the Google alternative to Facebook.  Many people use Google + because it's linked to gmail.

2. Sign up for the major social media networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit

They will send you a confirmation email to your gmail - make sure you activate it by clicking on the link.

3. Create a post on each account.  Some networks such as Facebook will allow you to create a page for your business.  You're all set!

4. Login to your wordpress blog and install jetpack.  Now you can link each of your social media accounts to wordpress that they are automatically updated with content.  If you do not know how to do this or can't be bothered Digital Internet Productions can do it for you!  Join our members area or contact us to learn more.

5. Promotion of posts - Now here comes the secret sauce.  Just by having a Facebook page for your business will not attract new customers.  The page must come up in the search rankings, in other words, users must know that your page exists!  Digital Internet Productions can do this as a service, or you can figure it out on your own.  Just be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort - there are no shortcuts!  Some ideas to promote your posts:

  • Email your contacts
  • Use Social Media Automation
  • Be social!  Add as many friends / contacts as possible.  The more friends / contacts you have the more that will see your posts!
  • Finally - you can have us do all the hard work!  For a reasonable monthly fee Digital Internet Productions will manage your social media.


Social Media Management