The marketplace on the internet changes on a daily basis.  As fast as you can click a button, industries can be destroyed.  Certainly, it's easier to destroy an industry than create one.

Those who are not 'experts' of computing should be more afraid of the unknown unknowns, rather than knowns.  We know the traditional threats that we face.  

What has surprised many with the explosion of the internet is the completely unexpected.

Look how Wikileaks has changed the political landscape.  Wikileaks released damaging emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton on a number of issues; and those emails have become the central talking point of her campaign.  Information always has played a role in politics, but in the case of the internet, it means vast amounts of data which can be sent around the globe to millions with the click of a button.  Once it's out, it can be archived, copied, printed, and saved by millions.

The internet facilitates rapid dissemination of information - so in the case of whistle-blowers (the primary source of info for Wikileaks) this information can be a game changer.

Using the internet isn't only about marketing - it's also important to have structured information security policies, information use policies, and communication encryption.

And when you have a campaign online that is gunning for the top - you can expect to have various forms of electronic hecklers, whether they be hackers or smear-campaigners, often funded by the competition, to try to bring you down.

The internet - yes, it's represents real freedom - beyond borders.  And freedom is for sale to the highest bidder!

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