We've all been there - working with a template or web design that has to be just perfect.  Previously we had to format websites to work in different browsers and different monitor widths.  Now, it's about optimization for phones vs. tablets vs. computers and then Mac in their own world.

Unless you are an artist, don't worry about small design details.  Small design changes will not likely increase your product sales.  For example, if you have a membership site, focus on content.  Having good content is a compelling reason to drive membership, not a template (again, unless you are in the template business).

A website template needs to be clean, fast, functional, and attractive.  Users will not spend more than a few seconds looking at your site template.

Successful membership sites show that the best way to attract a strong member base is through content, marketing, SEO, and social media management, not design.  In other words, having a certain design is not going to bring members.  Just select a good template (order one here at a reasonable price) and be done with it.  The reason templates are sold is it allows you to focus on what your site is really about - your content.  Not the design.