Exposure for your website is always good - but to increase your business sales, it's important to have the RIGHT exposure.  Targeting your demographic is not always easy online, because the web is based mostly on text.  For example it's not possible to search for video content.Search Engine Optimization

Ad networks such as Facebook and Google offer Geo-targeting services that enable advertisers to target users in a specific area such as a city or zip code.  But how to target people who want your product or service?  This can be difficult in the case of businesses such as a real estate company, because how do you know who wants to buy a house?  Maybe someone considers moving but doesn't express that electronically.

First it's necessary to define your target demographic and geo location.  Where do your potential customers live, and what makes them tick?  Then based on that, you can build a keyword list that defines your potential customers.

For a retail business such as a restaurant, at least you know your customers are within a 10 or 20 mile radius (with the exception of tourists).  Then it's necessary to define your customers in text.  This is not always easy - but a good start is to engage them.  Talk to your customers and find out about their interests, their background, and more about them.  It's more personable to do it in person and more accurate.

After you know a little about them you can start to build a keyword list that describes them.

Interested in:

Sports, Beer drinking, hiking, yoga, baseball cards, coin collecting, breaking bad, smartphones, candy crush


Age 28 - 43, within 11 miles of our location

Based on this information, it's then possible to structure a targeted campaign to reach these customers.  Good luck!

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