New clients of internet marketing have many of the same questions:

  • How will this work?
  • How can we track the results?
  • What is the ROI on your services?

Unfortunately these are very loaded questions.  It's fair to ask them, as any savvy business operator should.  We'll address a few key points here.

First, the idea of internet marketing, social media marketing, seo, and similar, is an ALTERNATIVE to traditional marketing.  So the questions asked should be different.  If traditional questions worked, then traditional marketing wouldn't be seeing an ever deteriorating result (which it is).  Digital media has officially overtaken offline media as of 2013.

It should not be compared traditionally - to do internet marketing or to not do.  That is not the question!  The question is HOW to do it, and WHO to use.  Instead of evaluating ROI, the REAL VALUE ADD should be measured.  That means how much VALUE (in terms of exposure to your site) is your SEO company brining for every dollar you spend.

Comparing just online marketing, there are a few 'traditional' choices; namely - Facebook, YouTube, Google.  Google Adwords has a bad reputation but works great for many businesses.  It depends greatly what type of business you are in, and how you approach your Adwords campaign.  But dollar for dollar, your SEO company should be bringing you more value than Adwords.

What is the solution?

The solution is very simple - do a little of each!  Don't put all your eggs in one basket.  Simply spread your marketing budget over a few different types of advertising, but ALWAYS INCLUDE SEO/SOCIAL MEDIA in it.  The reason being, if you are doing Google Adwords alone, it will not help your organic search results.  Also, if you are just doing Facebook, it will not help your organic social media ranking or build real followers.

A company such as Digital Internet Productions should optimize your entire marketing budget, including offline and online.  You can choose what you spend where, but technically it should be managed by an internet management company.  The reason for this is to bring the most value for your dollars spent.  Here's an Adwords tip:

Don't bid on your own name!

The reason is because 99% of the time your site will come up first, if someone Google's for example Izza Pizzeria, one of Vector's clients, Izza Pizzeria will come up first.  Many companies will bid on their own name and the users will click on this ad, so they are being charged for a customer who already knows your company and just wants to find your site, which is the service of Google that they provide for free.  The real value is to reach customers that wouldn't otherwise know about you - which is where the finesse of your SEO company should come into play.

What we can guarantee

  • Measurable results based on internet analytics
  • Growing exposure for your website
  • Increased traffic to the site by real unique visitors
  • Steady increases in the amount of followers on social media
  • Bringing exposure to your website that otherwise wouldn't exist
  • Increase in the rank of the site as measured by tracking analytics such as
  • A real value add as compared with other marketing (Meaning - we can deliver more results per dollar compared to traditional marketing)

What we cannot guarantee

  • That leads will convert into sales
  • A specific increase in business revenue

The internet is actually a tough market - products and services are evaluated in public view in near real-time.  Businesses that have poor or unethical services, or bad products, will struggle to find their place regardless of how good their internet marketing is.  The ideal client is a product or service that people enjoy but don't know about.  For this internet marketing can be extremely effective.

Fighting the traditional self-bias

Many SEO companies claim to be better than the rest, which frankly often is the case.  But there are many knowledgeable SEO companies and individuals out there.  The key is to find one with an experience that matches your needs.  For example, Digital Internet Productions has a strong background in IT, programming, database, and systems design.  For the past 10 years the Vector team has worked in the Forex market, a highly regulated online environment.  Someone who doesn't have Forex experience would not be a good fit for a Forex company, because the improper usage of a word can mean a fine or worse from a regulator!

Many of the new to SEO self appointed gurus simply look at it as a means to an end.  And there's nothing wrong with that, but online marketing is not a real industry!  It was created by companies such as Google and Facebook that made a business out of it.  Google being a brainchild of the military industrial complex (as a means of tracking and analyzing data) is not a pro-business system from inception.  An example of a real marketing industry is Amway, or focus groups. Edward Bernays can be credited with creating the marketing industry in corporate america and subsequently the world as we know it today.  Online marketing has not had an Edward Bernays moment yet - but still it is in its infancy.  The internet and its usage is growing and evolving rapidly, which is why it is necessary to make use of an internet management company such as Digital Internet Productions to ensure that your presence on the internet evolves with it.

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