Digital Internet Productions offers web hosting, ranging from basic web hosting to enterprise management.  Whether your demands are a simple business website or a hosted application, Digital Internet Productions can host and optionally administrate your infrastructure.  We offer a one stop solution that can integrate your web hosting with your existing IT infrastructure.

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Enterprise WordPress Hosting (Best Option - Option 1)

Get world-class WordPress specific enterprise hosting for only $25/month per site, or 10 sites for $99 - click here to order Enterprise WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting (Option 2)

Digital Internet Productions now offers hosting specifically optimized for wordpress.  Migrate your site with one click!  For only $6.99 a month, the Managed WordPress Hosting does everything you need from site backups, managing traffic, to automatic wordpress updates!  This is simply the best hosting option out there for a wordpress site.  This hosting is SEO & Social Media friendly - just by switching it's nearly guaranteed to increase your ranking.  If you have many wordpress sites, host them all under one professional account for $69/month (up to 25 sites).  Order WordPress hosting now or click here to learn more.

Other Options

Basic Cloud hosting for your website from FX System Hosting

Powerful WordPress / Joomla hosting by Rochen

Dedicated server for your own custom hosting setup, starting at $69.99/month


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Enterprise WordPress Hosting

IX Webhosting - General Basic Hosting - Unlimited plans - GREAT VALUE!

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